Industrial Solar Solution

Green Cloud installs and maintains customized solar power solutions for the industry. Green Cloud industrial solar solution ranges from basic setups capable of powering a small site all the way up to large solar power stations which can support large sites.

The Green Cloud team comprises of highly skilled professionals dedicated to solar energy. We at Green Cloud are committed to deliver effective and efficient solar power solutions to a broad spectrum of organizations like government agencies, corporations, non-profit organizations (NGOs), municipalities and utilities.

Green Cloud can provide grid-tied and off-grid solar power solutions that will reduce your energy costs and carbon footprint. Green Cloud’s team of experts will take care of every part of the project from installation to monitoring and maintenance.

Nature has gifted Pakistan with abundant renewable energy in the shape of sunshine / sunlight all the year round. This is how solar power can benefit your business:

Long term energy savings

Increase in electricity tariff will not affect your company

Solar energy is green, clean and renewable and it will reduce your carbon footprint

Solar energy can be installed quickly and efficiently

Green Cloud’s team of experienced technicians will assess the feasibility of solar energy system best suited to your business. We will design the optimum solution for your energy needs. Green Cloud has an extensive supplier base which ensures the best quality products and our work will be done to industry standards.

Solar system solutions for commercial and industrial buildings

Green Cloud can offer the following solutions for your solar power needs. Green Cloud can also send our project manager to your site to study and assess the situation.

Flat Roof

If your site has a flat roof there are several options available to place the solar panels / modules. Our experts will analyze the structure to the recommend the most cost-effective and beneficial system.

Flat roof Solar / Flexible panels

Flexible solar modules have low weight and that makes them attractive / ideal for flat roof-tops. Installing flexible solar panels is easy and it does not require perforation of the roof.

Solar Support Structure  

Solar panels can also be mounted on flat roofs using a support structure. These support structures are made of aluminum or similar elements.

Slanting or pitched roof

Many commercial buildings have slanted roof-tops for which Green Cloud offers mounting. Green Cloud can also provide BIPV (Built in Photo-Voltaic) systems.

Solar panels on the facade

Under the BIPV concept, solar panels can also be integrated into the walls or facades of buildings.

Slanting against facade  

There could be a possibility that solar panels cannot be placed on the rooftops. In that case we can mount the panels to the walls. The panels will be mounted on the facade at a 35 degree angle using a support structure. This option also provides a useful shade underneath.

Solar Integration in transparent glass  

Green Cloud can also provide solar panels built into semi- transparent glass. If mounted into the window or the ceiling, this will allow lights to pass through into the room.

Open Field

For organizations that need a large system to generate power, whether for own use or for renting / selling to others, we recommend an open field solar installation. The support structure for such an installation can be made from various materials – concrete blocks to poles.

Solar Power Solutions for the industrial sector

Green Cloud has extensive expertise and experience to help large, power hungry businesses and industries adopt solar power. The following industries can gain a lot of benefit from solar power:

   Food Industry

   Textile Industry

   Cement Industry

   Metals & Chemicals

In some countries, the industrial sector consumes more than 30% of electricity provided by the national grid. A majority of these industries also use alternative energy sources like diesel power generators for backup purposes and this increases their energy costs drastically. As the demand for energy increases, the industries’ contracted load also increases which in turn results in higher fixed demand charges. Pakistan’s power-starved and power-hungry industries need reliable, low cost alternate sources of energy / electricity and solar panels on the roof-top is the best and most viable solution.