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GD100-01-015G-4 (15kw)


Applicable water pump 15 kW

Warranty: one year with free service and spare parts.
Solar tube-well inverter / pv pump inverter for three phase 400v pump motor invt brand igbt conversion module from infineon Germany.

Perfect for irrigation systems these inverters turn the suns energy into electricity. Connected directly to your solar panels these inverters will keep going as long as the sun is shining, which is great for Pakistan!

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  • Maximizing power generation efficiency of solar modules with the use of advanced MPPT control technology
  • Adjusting water outflow of pumps quickly on basis of sunlight intensity change
  • Automatic hibernation and wakeup
    • Hibernate at high water level and wake up at low water level
    • Hibernate at sunrise and sunset and wake up at strong sunlight
  • Underload protection and fault protection of water level sensor avoiding pumping off after water supply dries up
  • TI DSP technology and Infineon PIM design, with functions of overcurrent, overvoltage and overtemperature protection, built-in C3 filter, achieving reliable, automatic and unattended running


Power W1 W2 H1 H2 D1 Hole
0.75kW~2.2kW  126.0  115.0  186.0  175.0  155.0  5
4kW~5.5kW  146.0  131.0  256.0  243.5  167.0  6
7.5kW~15kW  170.0  151.0 320.0  303.5  196.3  6


 Max Input DC Voltage  800VDC
 Recommended MPPT voltage range  350~750VDC
 Recommended input voltage  513VDC
 MPPT efficiency 99.9%
 Input channel  1
 Rated output voltage  3-phase 380VAC
 Output frequency range  0~60Hz
 Max efficiency of the machine  97%
 Ambient temperature range  (G-type inverter with water pump)
 Cooling method  Air cooling
 Protection degree  IP20
 Altitude  Below 1000m; above 1000m, derate 1% for every additional 100m.
Standard  CE


 Inverter model  Max DC input current (A)  Rated output current (A)  Applicable water pump (kW)
 GD100-01-2R2G-4  7.1 5 2.2
 GD100-01-004G-4 16.5 9.5 4
 GD100-01-5R5G-4  23.9 14 5.5
 GD100-01-7R5G-4 30.6 18.5 7.5
 GD100-01-011G-4 39.2 25 11
 GD100-01-015G-4 49.0 32 15

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