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1. Energy saving and environment friendly product can slow down greenhouse gas reflect
2. It is convenient to be used as home lighting, camp, lighting and outdoor activities. etc
3. To be a useful charger for mobile phones, mp3, mp4, digital cameras, etc.
4. Battery replaceable remote control unit simplify using everywhere.
5. Combine charging and using at the same time.
6. Three level battery capacity indicator


1. Solar Panel, 5.5,5W. conversion efficiency above 17%
2. Inbuilt battery. 3.7V14000rnAh lithium battery, cycle life over 500times
3. Light 3W LED light, service life for more than 50000 hours
4 USB output: 5V/500mA
5. Charging time, About 4 hours charging for one unit: About 7 hours charging for two units together.
6. Llghling time. Abdul 7-6 hours for each unit.
7. 10 meters distance remote control

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