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Tesla Solar Poly 250 watt Pump Grade HV


Choosing T-SolarPumP Grade HV – Warranty 2 years

  • Manufacturing with international quality standard and environment management system: ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.
  • Modules conform to: IEC61215, IEC61730, CE, ROHS.
  • Minimal wiring effort required as the module has high reverse current resistance.
  • Most updated design with drainage holes in the frame ensures the modules to withstand various weather conditions.
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T-Solar manufactures high-quality crystalline modules through rigorous quality control ensures a guaranteed power performance in solar arrays for residential and commercial installations.

  • Plus power tolerance (0.3%) to ensure the high reliability to power output
  • Modules conform to TUV to withstand high level of wind and snow load
  • Proprietary PV glass design improve oblique irradiance performance and enhance module yield in low light and medium angle light condition
  • Easy installation and minimal maintenance with compatibility to industry standard inverters and mounting systems
  • Junction box and bypass diodes guarantee the modules free of overheating and ‘Hotspot Effect’
Specifications TPV P
C=40 B=992
Cell Type Mono Crystalline 156×156 mm (6 inc)
Front Glass 3.2 mm Low iron tempered glass
Frame Anodized aluminium alloy
Junction Box IP 65, with bypass diodes
Connector Mc4 Compatible
Output Cables TUV, + length 900mm, 4.0mm
Weight 20kg

Performance at Standard Test Conditions (STC: 1000 W/m2, 25°C, AM 1.5)

145W 245W Maximum Power at STC (Pmax) 150W 250W
8.39A 8.69A Short Circuit Current (ISC) 8.35A 8.76A
22.6V 37.10V Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) 23.5V 37.30V
7.8A 8.1A Maximum Power Current (Impp) 7.7A 8.25A
18.1V 30.10V Maximum Power Voltage (Vmpp) 19.6V 30.08V
>17.0% >17.0% Encapsulated Cell Efficiency >17.5% >17.5%
15.5% 15.5% Module Efficiency >15.7% >15.7%
+/-3% +/-3% Power Efficiency +3% +3%

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