Residential Solar Solution

If you take a close look at your last electricity bill, you will notice the exorbitant amount the electricity provider has charged you yet you suffer tremendously because of load shedding and power outages. It is high time you started to consider your personal electricity generating system at your residence and at the workplace.

Green Cloud can provide you the optimum residential solar system comprising of best quality components using the latest technology adhering to industry standards. GreenCloud has a proven track record of installing residential solar systems, conducted by our team of experts. Our installations are tailor-made for the customers.

Why you need a residential solar solution right now

  • Cost of electricity from the main grid is rising exorbitantly
  • Your own residential solar solution will reduce your bills as well as your carbon foorprint.
  • The central and provincial Governments are providing incentives like tax relief to solar power producers.
  • Installing a residential solar solution will increase the value of your home / house.

By installing solar system at your residence, you can start saving today. The solar system can be installed on your rooftop, in your lawn or on a dedicated structure. feed electricity into your home so that you buy less electricity from the utility. This system will provide you free electricity saving your precious money.

An average sized solar system for a residence / home is 5 to 8 KW. In order to get average 900 KWH per month you should keep an 8 KW system in mind but this can vary by the season. But, again, you are not limited to a particular size. These systems are very durable and will provide clean power to your house for a long time to come. These systems are very modular so you can always install additional capacity later.

Solar Power Systems

Green Cloud solar power solutions are engineered to perform and deliver in the toughest of conditions. Our customers are content and happy with the performance and reliability of these systems.